Sunday, 8/16 @ Shiloh

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Sunday School – 10:00 AM
Worship – 11:00 AM

Today we’re wrapping up our look at the beliefs in the Apostle’s Creed by talking about the final affirmation: Resurrection. We affirm our belief that our bodies and the bodies of all of the dead will someday be resurrected for a final judgement by Christ. We cling to that hope of eternal life, a never-ending life spent with Christ. However, I also believe that resurrection takes place in other forms and even right now. We also affirm that God can redeem those dry bones which are our lives and redeem them into something alive and beautiful. Today’s text is the prophecy of the resurrection of the nation of Israel found in Ezekiel 37. The Israelites have been wiped out but God has another plan to redeem them. Can He do the same for us? You bet! That’s what we’re talking about today.

We will also celebrate a baptism today. It’s always a joy when someone professes their faith in Christ and wants to respond by being baptized. I truly am humbled that we will be able to share in this blessing. This will take place toward the end of the worship service.

Come just as you are, wear whatever you like and bring someone with you. Come hear how God is the redeemer of our dry bones, even here and now. May you experience God’s healing power today.

In Christ,
Pastor Jonathan

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