Sunday, August 23rd @ Shiloh

Full+Armor+of+God+Eph+6This morning, we’re talking about Paul’s statement to the Ephesians about putting on the whole armor of God. It’s not uncommon for one to think of this as getting ready to do battle in an offensive position, that we are to go out and slay the sinners and trample our enemies. However, this is not what Paul was telling us. Paul meant that we should be ready, at all times, to defend ourselves against the tricks of Satan. In order to do that, our armor must be maintained. Think about a bulletproof vest that a police officer wears: If the officer doesn’t maintain the vest and ensure that there is no damage or something else that needs repair, the vest can fail and the officer may be severely injured or lose his life. The same goes for our God-supplied armor: We must ensure that the damage is repaired. One of the ways we do this is through prayer and that’s what we’re talking about today!

Prayer is so powerful, yet so simple. Come and hear more about keeping the lines of communication between us and God open. I invite you just as you are to worship. Bring your pain, your sin or whatever else might be causing damage to your armor. Wear what you like and bring someone with you.

Also, come back tonight for our special service of healing and prayer. This is not going to be like on TV. We will spend time praying for and with each other for whatever issues are causing us pain. Whether it’s a medical issue or something else, bring that burden to the altar tonight at 5:00.

We hope to see you!

In Christ,

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