Sunday, September 13th @ Shiloh

Sunday – Sunday School at 10:00 AM, Worship at 11:00 AM
Monday – Women’s Bible Study – 6:00 PM

I can’t think of a product that I’ve purchased during most of my life that has not had a warning label. Some of the most absurd warnings I’ve seen include warnings about coffee being hot and a hair drier being unsafe to use in a shower. Not all warning labels are unnecessary; some are actually useful.

A good argument can be made that being a disciple of Christ should come with a warning label. It sounds like it would be easy but the Christian life is anything but. It’s hard to be a Christian. It’s hard because we have to be willing to deny ourselves and our desires and instead give in to the will of Christ. Come and hear a message about how this life is hard but how rewarding it is at the same time.

You are welcome. You are welcome just as you are, no matter what you wear or the baggage you have in your life. We believe church should be the safe place to express your weaknesses and doubts. You will find that place at Shiloh. Come, and bring someone with you and find rest in Jesus.

Pastor Jonathan

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