Sunday, September 27th @ Shiloh

ATS Tennent10:00 AM – Sunday School for all ages
11:00 AM – Worship

For better or for worse, we will all have defining moments that test who we are as people. The same is true for believers: We will all have a defining moment where God calls us to what seems like an impossible task. Sure, we can look the other way and ignore what God is telling us but doing so can have consequences. Queen Esther in the Old Testament had such a defining moment. She had the choice between risking her life and intercede on behalf of the Hebrew people or simply letting things play out so that the Jews would be wiped away by Haman and his cohorts. When are are faced with our own defining moment we must remember that God will provide so long as we are willing to step out on faith.

Are you at such a crossroads in your life? Come just as you are and ponder your defining moment(s).

We will also have lots going on at Shiloh over the next couple of weeks so watch this site and our Facebook page for more! Better yet, join us in the all the fun!

In Christ,

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