11182116_964397306906442_3805811867833106332_nShiloh United Methodist Church traces its beginnings back to 1873 when several families began to meet and work to establish a new church in Powell County. This was a mere 88 years after the Methodist movement came to North America. Then called Shiloh Methodist Episcopal Church, the first building was constructed in 1876 with the Rev. C.C.W. Elswick appointed as the first pastor to supply the new pulpit. It is not known how the name Shiloh was chosen.

Shiloh’s current building was consecrated June 1, 1949 with the Rev. Robert C. Mynear serving as pastor. In 1988, a renovation of the sanctuary and addition of an educational and administrative wing were completed under the leadership of Rev. Mike Lehman.

Today Shiloh United Methodist Church also boasts, among other things, a praise band, quality sound system and video capabilities in the sanctuary which seek to enhance worship of God. Most of all, Shiloh strives to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community and beyond. We strive to love our neighbors through service and to be salt and light in Powell County.