Lay Ladership


Lay Leader: Jon Skidmore
Chairperson of Church Council – Jon Skidmore
Lay Member to Annual Conference – Glynda Skidmore
Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference – Jim Williams
Chairperson of Staff-Parish Relations Committee – Jamie Ewen
Chairperson of Trustees – Jon Skidmore
Chairperson of Committee on Finance – Susan Holliday
Treasurer – Patty Wells
Recording Secretary – Cricket Hampton
Financial Secretary – Vernita Boyd
Membership Secretary – Cricket Hampton
Recording Secretary (Charge Conference) – Susan Holliday
Sunday School Superintendent – Billie Ann Fugate
Prayer Chain Contact/Chairperson – Phyllis Goins

Admin Board/Church Council
Chairperson – Jon Skidmore
SPRC Rep – Jamie Ewen
Finance Rep – Susan Holliday
Trustees Rep – Phil Wells
Treasurer – Patty Wells
Lay Member to AC – Glynda Skidmore
Young Adult – Jon Tipton
Youth – Palmer Ewen
At-Large – Kathy Hughes

Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)
Arlis Martin
Lori Barry
Vicky Brown
Vera Patterson
Jamie Ewen (Chair)
H.T. Derickson
Jason Johnson
Glynda Skidmore (Lay Member to A.C.)
Jon Skidmore (Lay Leader)

Finance Committee
Daniel Barry
Susan Holliday (Chair)
Vicky Brown
Wilma Skidmore
Jim Williams
Sally Ritchie
Kathy Hughes
Glynda Skidmore (Lay Member to A.C.)
Jon Skidmore (Lay Leader)
Vernita Boyd (Financial Secretary)
Patty Wells (Treasurer)

Wilma Skidmore
Glenda Bowen
Jamie Derickson
Jon Skidmore (Chairperson)
Phillip Wells
Larry Patterson
Jon Tipton
Barry Ewen
Chris Toney

Lay Leadership Development (Nominations)
Kathy Hughes
Jason Johnson
Sally Richey
Derek Tipton
Billie Ann Fugate
Vera Patterson
Susan Holliday
Jon Skidmore (Lay Leader)
Rev. Jonathan Tullos (Pastor/Chairperson)