Worship is at the heart of everything we do. Worship is the reason we gather together as a body of Christ and even why we serve beyond our walls. We believe that worship can occur anywhere and should be passionate regardless of what form our worship takes.

Our main worship service takes place on Sunday mornings at 11:00. Each service begins with a time of singing led by Shiloh’s praise band. After a time of announcements and greeting, we seek to be led by the Holy Spirit through times of prayer, more singing and the reading and hearing of scripture. A sermon is preached which seeks to connect God’s word with how you can apply it to your life today. We hope that you will experience healing, reconciliation, and growth from these messages. After another song, we depart to serve in the name of Christ.

On the first Sunday of the month and at other times such as Christmas Eve and during Holy Week (leading up to Easter), Holy Communion is offered as a response to God’s word and as an additional act of worship. Shiloh, along with other congregations in the United Methodist Church, have an open table. What this means is that regardless of your church affiliation or lack thereof, you may come and  partake of the body and blood of Christ.

We also offer baptism for infants, children, and adults as requested. Baptisms are performed by sprinkling, pouring, and immersion according to the preferences of the candidate or the candidate’s parents (if an infant or child). You may speak with the pastor at anytime if you are interested in baptism.